Sunday, April 15, 2012

One For The Guys

So I don't know if I'm alone here or not, but my husband tends to lose things in the garage. Recently I told him that he needed a tool cart to set things on while he works. That way he won't lose hardware or tools...and then dinner won't burn while I help him frantically look for things. He agreed! So this weekend he purchased a tool cart...he said he had to put it together and I wondered...why? But I was just glad to have the top of my deep freezer back so I didn't ask any questions. Once I saw the finished product I understood. He attached a set of air hose quick-disconnect fittings to one side to hang his air tools. What a great idea! He got this idea from a friend...and it's way blog worthy! Enjoy!

Drill holes and mount the male fitting facing towards the bottom using a washer for support. (FYI - He did have to cut the edge of the washers off with a cut-off wheel because they were too big.)

Mount the female fittings on the bottom/outside and attach your tools. Voila!

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